Happy Customers

“I never thought I would sell real estate online.  However, after working with this company this has been the smoothest transaction I have ever done.  This is a top notch professional company.  Renee exceeded all of my expectations.  I look forward to working with this company again.”
~ Brandon Warthen, New Bern, NC – 7/18/18

“Renee at Grounded Properties is very professional; she always explained everything to me and gave me updates.  If I ever have to sell my properties again she is my only option.  I am very pleased and will recommend her to my friends”
~ Mathew Varughese, Chicago, IL – 4/13/17

“Renee has just completed the sale of my property and I am so happy with the outcome! My property turned out to be somewhat of a challenging sale, but Renee stayed the course and finally the right person, right fit was made. I know the buyer is very happy and will be able see his dreams come true. Very good fortune all around. If you are reading this and wonder if Renee is a good choice for you, wonder no more. Renee works hard for you, she is honest and to be trusted. More than I can say for some of the real estate agents I have dealt with. Nothing against the real estate business but Grounded Properties is a civilized experience all around”
~ Barbara Rightmyer, Las Vegas, NV – 3/25/17

“Grounded Properties truly has the most professional and efficient staff. I recommend them to anyone that has property they want or need to sell. Because of their thorough professionalism, the whole process was simple and easy for me. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”
~ Amanda Franklin, Sevierville, TN – 1/27/17

“It was a great pleasure working with Renee at Grounded Properties.  Renee explained every detail of the buying and selling process and was instrumental in getting things done in a timely manner.  The whole process was handled with complete professionalism from beginning to end and I would definitely use Renee again in the future”
~ Mike Adams, Kernersville, NC – 9/14/16

“Renee was a pleasure to work with, very professional and responsive to my needs.  I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their property.  Renee helped me sell two properties and the transactions were done completely online with correspondence via email which was perfect for me due to my busy schedule.  I could respond at odd hours and she would always respond back quickly.  Thank you Renee for your professionalism and getting the job done”
~ E. Kuras, Laguna Niguel, CA – 12/3/15

“Renee, my wife and I appreciate your help in selling our property quickly and painlessly.  I was very pleased with your dedication to sell the property and quick feedback on what the status was at all times.  I was also very happy with how you handled everything all the way through the final sale of the property.  I can tell you that I’ve never had a real estate transaction go so smoothly.  Thanks again for your help and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to sell a property”
~ J. Prevo, Ortonville, MI – 9/10/15

“Renee, I really appreciate the effort you made to make this happen.  We are all very pleased that my sister’s probate property will now be salable and hopefully will go to someone who appreciates it.  You were very helpful and easy to work with, guiding me through the necessary steps.  You are more than welcome to share my comments”
~ P. Nielsen, Chehalis, WA – 6/11/15

“Renee did a wonderful job and kept me informed throughout the entire process.  I got an offer on some land that had been listed 2 years prior to her involvement and she sold in a matter of months for a fair price for me”
~ P. Baylor, SC – 3/3/15

“I had a great experience!  They offered me a price on my land that I was satisfied with and paid all of the fees too.  Very friendly and fast!  I would definitely do business with them again”
~ Jennifer B., Lancaster, CA – 2/9/15

“Renee was the best person that ever happened in Real Estate!  She honored what she said and went thru with purchasing the property and didn’t fuss around with a maybe yes, maybe no sale, it was straight to the point and the sale was instant!   She was nice, professional and courteous with the whole offer.  I appreciate her work and God Bless her and hope the best for her…she deserves it!   Thank you Renee…..”
~ Steve Vo, Pasadena, CA – 8/23/13

“Renee and her team were great to deal with.  It took six weeks to complete the transaction.  Other people told me to just hold onto the land until the market corrects.  Renee was always available!!  Thank you again for the work you do!”
~ C. Parks, Manhattan Beach, CA – 7/17/13

“I was in a position to sell off my vacant land in Joshua Tree, CA. I found GROUNDED PROPERTIES on the web and sent along my information. Within a day I was contacted by Renee Riker and was made an offer. I called her on the phone and gave a second offer. We agreed and the process through escrow went along quickly. I would recommend GROUNDED PROPERTIES for a site to sell transactions. On another note, Ms. Riker was pleasant, courteous and professional. She assisted in the process from start to finish”
~ JT Gottlieb, Camarillo, CA – 3/11/13

“Deal with confidence! Renee and her staff are the best in the business! They take charge of the situation and handle everything from start to finish, all you have to do is sign your name and cash your check. I would tell anyone who asked, ‘She is the best person to deal with”
~ Mark C., Phoenix, AZ – 11/16/12

“Renee was very professional and nice to work with.  She helped me in a time of need and I appreciate finding her.  This was a win-win situation!”
~ Judy C., Yucca Valley, CA – 1/12/11

“Renee did a great job for us on a difficult property.  She was also instrumental in saving cost in the title search and we would do business with her again in the future”
~ Diane in Maine – 10/27/09